What it is, who this is for, where it allows them to go?


The Only Way Is loa

Heal and access your higher self to manifest business abundance

This course is for glamourous Female Entrepreneurs who are ready develop an advanced insight of the Law of Attraction to finally manifest your business wings and hearts sparkly desires with the help of the Twins.

This 8-week group programme contains glam, fun, interactive modern content which will enable you to apply our Sparkle Tank Feel Set Toolkit to manifest an anxiety -free happy lifestyle, saying BYE FEAR-LICIA to those negative and limiting beliefs as well as gaining an advanced understanding of the Universal Laws to finally embrace your freedom!


Hook them with questions that they can see themselves in, things they are thinking about already that you are solving.


Are you…

Knowledgeable about the Law of Attraction but haven’t found a strategy that supports you to let go of fear and manifest the dream and success you desire?

Learning our Sparkle Tank & Feelset Toolkit will ultimately change your conflicting mindset as we get down to the root… we dig deep and we uncover the blocks that you have been programmed to believe!! None of this painting on a smile and everything will be ok this programme will change your life….. for good… and is the secret weapon to a Female Entrepreneurs true success… money and all!!

Have you read all of the Law of Attraction Books but struggle to fit in the rigid rituals and practices due to a lack of time, energy and other commitments


5 Bullet points at the most. The point here is to show them you know them well.

I’ve been there …. (share your life experience and how you overcame this challenge they are facing that this program is addressing


Say…bye felicia!

We’ve both been practicing the Law of Attraction for nearly ten years and often struggled to just focus on the positives when there was underlying unacknowledged fear… this inspired us to create our original tried and tested Sparkle Tank & Feel Set Toolkit which will allow modern Female Entrepreneurs Globally to realise your truth and the genuine ‘real’ love for life you seek.


What they currently are doing wrong and why if they keep doing it nothing will change.


You’ve been feeling like you have to work ‘hard’ and those more hours equals more income…

We want you to know that this isn’t the case… when you apply the Law of Attraction you work from a place of ease and attract the opportunities that are right for you and your business.


Say: I want you to know this…

Name 3 things they need to know that already is aha moments for them. Give them 3 statements where they realize something profound that changes the game for them. The idea is that they will already see their life different by just reading your sales page.


Ready to…shine more and hustle less, to lead from a place of love and less fear, to understand how to attract the money and clients you deserve…


Then create a visualisation of what life would look like after you coached them and they achieved what they wanted to achieve , short paragraph



After 8 weeks of working with the Twins you can finally connect to your higher self, gain control of your life, let go of fears and worry and have a SPARKLE TANK full of unique feel set tools and amazing Law of Attraction strategies which will allow you to surrender to the contrast, remove that mask off, raise your vibration and start living the gorgeous dreams that you always lied to yourself and declared you desires but you couldn’t have them……Because… blah blah blah!


Then list out how this program will support them in finding …..(list 1 or 2 major points)


The effects of just 8 weeks work with the Loa Twins will last a lifetime and you will look back in gratitude that you really did fearlessly make the best decision and twinvestment of your life!


Show them exactly what is included, each module with a short description etc.


What is included:

✶ 45 Minute Manifestation Intensive
✶ 8 Bye Fear-licia Mastermind Sessions
✶ 8 Self Study Limiting Belief Modules
✶ Access to The Only Way is LOA Network

The Only Way I s LOA Modules

My Business and I

Understanding yourself, your life purpose and what you came here to do!

Identifying your heartfelt truth and what makes you tick! Leading with your heart and understanding how to share your gift and business vision with the world.

Lady Boss TLC

Self love strategies to heal from ‪inside out‬, including; Secret meditations for working women.

Understanding how to raise your core vibration and how this will allow you to align and attract more committed, ready to invest, dream soul clients. Introducing the Law of Balance and how to put yourself first, surrender and allow to manifest more business success.

Share why you created this program. Create a one liner stating why you felt this is needed and what made you decide to do this now
I had always used LOA on and off since I was in my early twenties and I’ve always wanted to learn more especially how to journal. Before I started to work with the LOA Twins I had no real knowledge of how to use journaling in order to help me with my manifestations. So when I saw that the LOA Twins were running a journaling programme I jumped at the chance to learn more and get a better understanding of how it can help me and would help me with my manifestations.

The programme was amazing they gave a great introduction into journaling showed me how to journal, the tools I would need when dealing with doubts and most importantly they guided me through the whole process. When I had any doubts or questions they were only an email away and the bonus part was they also offered a free zoom call with them both which really helped put any doubts at ease.

Within two weeks of learning the process I got a promotion at work and a pay rise, all of which I would never of achieved if I had not taken part in the Journaling programme. I have since been on other programs run by the twins and they have always been fun and fully of giggles I been in the group from the very beginning and I have seen how the group has grown and what a difference The LOA Twins have made to so many individuals life’s and mine through their caring and nurturing ways.

I’m so grateful for the difference they have made by being in my life and for always guiding me to live my best life.

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