It was an absolute honour to work with you on Twin:1 Private Coaching, we have loved every minute of watching you heal, change and grow with us, within your life and Spiritual Business.

So many of our Twin:1 clients feel that 6 months of coaching with us flies by and at the end of the 12 sessions and you are left wondering how they will continue without us- that really is life changing transformation!

In a similar way, we feel we take our clients so far and are left with a cliff hanger to how the rest of your story and journey will play out.

We desire to:

  • Be part of your journey through awakening, expansion and beyond
  • Support you to achieve your goals and dreams
  • Guide you through the next phase of your journey
  • Be there to help you to achieve and create success- whatever that looks like for you
  • Cheerlead you, as you continue to scale and develop your business

Because of the above, we have been strongly guided by Maeve and Anais- along with our Broader Non Physical Team to create TWIN:1 MONTHLY MENTORSHIP which will allow you to continue working with us- if you wish, without having to re -invest £7K into Twin:1 Private coaching again!

That’s how special you are

We see Twin:1 Monthly Mentorship as a big opportunity for us to share how much belief we have in our client’s success and infinite gratitude for the investment and commitment you have made to Twin:1- our most Exclusive Service!

We Believe Twin:1 Monthly Mentorship will

  • Allow you to continue developing your energetic abilities
  • Teach you in more depth to enact your abilities into capabilities
  • Ensure you feel fully supported to execute your business desires, model and goals
  • Enable you to keep moving forward with your Higher Self and Guides
  • Shift your finances to attract even more clients and abundance

What’s Included

  • 6 Months Mentoring with LOA Twins
  • Six -Monthly Twin:1 Private Mentoring Sessions
  • Complementary Bi- weekly Access to Twin:1 Mastermind Group Sessions on Zoom
  • Voxer Access
  • Six pre-recorded- Spiritual Expansion Modules

READY TO continue your expansion?

3 Spots Available to start Twin:1 Monthly Mentorship January- July 2022

You’ll be redirected to our agreement page for you to sign. Once signed you’ll be redirected to our payment page where you can choose one of two payment options (as seen below).

Pay in full £2750

Payment Plan Available

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