Ignite Your Connection To Your Non-Physical Team

The Twins’ non-physical team has guided them to create Higher Self Hype which consists of 4 magically mind-blowing modules to enable more of you to explore the unique and special connection you have with your higher self.

Yes, she has a name but what she really wants is for you to get to know her, to understand why she is with you and for you. She is waiting to channel her spiritual insight and guidance to help you to release fear and to enable your soulful and spiritual growth.


Higher Self Hype will allow you to:

  • Reduce procrastination and questioning and release fear you hold within
  • Work with your higher self to raise your vibe
  • Manifest and align to your desires faster
  • Understand your journey from a loving place
  • Create more abundance in your life and/or business.

Are you aligned and ready to:


  • Meet your higher self and to find out her name?
    Understand how to connect and tune to your higher self?
  • Build trust in your ability to translate and gain insight into the synchronicities your higher self sends you?
  • Feel confident and believe when asking for guidance from your higher self?
  • Explore and learn who your higher self is energetically as well as meeting your gatekeeper and wider non-physical team?
  • Understand and connect to your Higher Self.

This self-study course is for higher self beginners, intermediates and advanced and wherever you are on your spiritual journey, this is going to support you to receive from your higher self with crystal clear clarity!

Meet Maeve and Anais

Maeve and Anais are Tesha and Candice’s higher selves! They are on one exciting mission with the Twins to not only share insightful law of attraction knowledge but, most importantly, wanting more of you to realise that your higher self is real, she has a name, a personality, a purpose, and is unique and has special abilities she wishes to share with you!

Maeve is nurturing and loving with a sprinkle of humour which supports Tesh to connect easily to client suffering and blocks and to release stored sadness. She is very creative, emotive and wise and loves to talk!

Anais is also loving but very firm and supports Candice to help clients to appreciate where they are and to powerfully nudge clients into their light path. She is straight to the point and logical and also loves to talk!

Due to the Twins’ abilities, they are also able to connect to each other’s higher selves and when mixed with Tesh’s optimism and Candice’s powerful love, this is a recipe for real life MAGIC!

Just like Maeve and Anais, your higher self is also very very special and building your connection will help you to truly release fear, awaken and connect you to your other non-physical spiritual guides. Their guidance will mostly come through your higher self.

What’s Included:

4 Higher Self Hype video modules
Unlimited access to Higher Self Hype Facebook community

Connect with your higher self

The most magical insight and meditation to connect to your higher self and to exploring who she really is. You will be guided to receive her energy and some special news she has to share with you.

Interact with your higher self

The Twins will guide you to develop your understanding of your higher self through a wondrous meditation introducing you to your gatekeeper and spiritually opening you up to higher self interaction through a very special sacred space.

Receive and tune to your higher self

A fun and wonderful session to enable you to apply your understanding of your higher self, to develop your relationship with her and to explore ways to see, hear, feel and cognitively receive from her as well as sharing the truth about spiritual signs and synchronicities.

Opening up possibilities with your wider non-physical team

Teaching you to release fear surrounding non-physical connection to enable you to channel guidance from your higher self and wider team. Supporting you to understand how she wishes to share her guidance as well as learning to magnify, gain confirmation of her energy and messages to influence your journey.

Ready for the hype?

We are so excited to see you supersize your spiritual connection and to see what super powers evolve from the Higher Self Hype for you! Everyone is talking about the higher self but you are going to leave this course walking the walk with your precious higher self by your side!



Expect leading edge Tw-insight along with fun and uncontrollable twinning belly laughter!

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