You have been guided here because your soul is ready to AWAKEN and you are ready to live a life full of happiness and high vibration. We are so excited to see you putting yourself first and stepping onto the light path, it is time for you to emerge in the LOVE and wonder that is waiting for you!

AWAKENING means you have reached your Broadest Truth and started to understand your Souls Purpose. It is a combination of these two elements that will allow you to live the life you deserve- with no looking back to the past.

We have created these 12 Self Study AWAKENING Modules to guide you through strategies and techniques to lead you to fully AWAKEN and to reach 100% High Vibration. Currently only 10% of the planet’s population have ever achieved this, so GET EXCITED!

Your Higher Self will support you on this journey, with the Twins and you feel like you have your best invisible friend helping you through the letting go of your past, accepting what was and stepping into the new version of you!

Are You

  • Ready to let go FEAR
  • Being called to your PURPOSE and DESTINY
  • Wanting a step-by-step approach to AWAKEN
  • Feeling excited to grow and CHANGE your life
  • Excited to love every part of yourself

YES- This is what we all came here for!

The Twins are both fully AWAKENED and are 100% Love labelled, they have guided many women to their Broadest Truth and been part of their journey to transforming their lives and businesses! The Twins truly want change for every single soul that has the courage to step forward to AWAKEN!

Are you ready to awaken?

When you reach your Broadest Truth you will feel;

  • Full of hope and freedom
  • Trust for yourself, your life and your Higher Self 
  • Clarity on your purpose and why you are here
  • Motivated to create change in your life and business
  • Happy within yourself ….And so much more!

You will feel if this course is for you as nothing will be able to stop you for saying ‘im in!’

What’s Included

12 Self Study Awakening Modules

Access to Awaken with LOA Twins Facebook Community

Guidance and Q&A Opportunities with the Twins


We are so excited to see you reach your Broadest Truth and to see you Living Your Truth!

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